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There is likely no variety of commercial dispute that Dogali Selvy attorneys have not handled. The cases run the gamut of contract and performance disputes that arise for businesses, investors, purchasers, agents and other contracting parties. Just a few recent examples include representation of:

  • Insurance agencies, call centers, engineering firms, and employers of all kinds, in relation to covenant not to compete and anti-solicitation claims

  • Lenders and borrowers in usury disputes

  • Lenders and borrowers in foreclosures and collections matters

  • Insurers and policyholders in insurance coverage and bad faith disputes

  • Corporations, shareholders, directors and officers in shareholder derivative suits, fiduciary malfeasance matters, and fraudulent transfer cases

  • Investors and advisors in investment, insurance, and annuity sales arbitration and litigation

  • Members, partners, and entities in connection with partnership and limited liability company disputes

  • Warranty providers, in defense against noncovered claims

  • Owners, developers, architects, engineers, surveyors, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers in construction litigation and arbitration matters

  • Real property owners in

  • Clients in attorney and accounting malpractice actions


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